The Auschwitz Trial

The biggest trial of Nazi war crimes ever: 360 witnesses in 183 days of trial - a stunning and gripping portrayal of the most terrible massacre in history.

The biggest Nazi war crimes trial ever began on Dec. 20, 1963 in Frankfurt. Charges in the so-called Auschwitz Trials were pressed against 23 members of the Waffen SS who belonged to the personnel of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. They were accused of murder in "an unspecified number of cases."360 witnesses were called in 183 days of trial, including 211 Auschwitz survivors who traveled to Frankfurt to testify under oath. This doc follows the progress of the case, focusing on the main figures: Attorney General Fritz  Bauer, who initiated the case, prosecutors Kügler and Wiese, who tracked down the accused, and SS men Mulka, Boger, Capesius and Klehr, whose crimes made headlines around the world.The viewer's gaze is drawn inescapably to Auschwitz again and again. As in the trial itself, the witnesses' terrible testimony makes this doc a moving and powerful testimony to the crimes of the Nazis.