Taurus (1) (15/20)



Istanbul inspector Mehmet Özakin has to prevent a terrorist attack together with the Secret Service. Soon he realizes he's on his own, and becomes a target himself.When a bank adviser is found dead on the train tracks, Inspector Mehmet Özakin (Erol Sander) is assigned to the case. At the same time, the Secret Service needs police support, worrying about threats of a terrorist attack in Istanbul. Col. Tarkan is in charge. Mehmet and his partner Mustafa get drawn into a dangerous case of corruption, blackmail and illegal trafficking which soon causes more victims. While the dramatic case takes the inspectors to their limits, Mehmet's private life is careening out of control, too. The clock is ticking, the trail of the murder leads them to the terrorists, as well. They'll have to do everything they can to prevent the planned bombing. However, Mehmet starts getting his doubts about the official version of the investigation. One of the terrorists the Secret Service is after turns out to be an undercover agent, evidence starts to disappear, a witness is kidnapped - the contradictions start to pile up. Mehmet has to wonder whom he can trust. When the inspector almost falls victim to an attack, his past catches up to him. Mehmet becomes a hunted man himself...



1   Last Stop Istanbul
2   Murder on the Bosporus
3   In Your Hand
4   The Stone Warriors

5   The Price of Life
6   Bond of Blood
7   Transit
   Silent Witness

9   Tarlabasi
10 The Second Lead 

11 The End of Alp Atakan 
12 Offsides


13 Club Royal

14 The Bosporus Broker
15 Taurus 1
16 Taurus 2
17 A Village under Suspicion
18 The Lost Son
19 The Final Passenger
20 Deadly Desire (new)