Tarlabasi (9/20)

60-year-old Harkan Demirkan is found dead in his summer home. The real estate developer was planning to tear down an old part of town called Tarlabasi and completely rebuild it. So he had no lack of enemies. But rumor has it he had his own doubts in his high-flying plans recently, too. It seems Harkan had a young mistress, Yasemin Gül. The most scandalous part of their romance was not the sizable age difference, but the fact that Yasemin is the head of the "Save Tarlabasi" citizens' movement. Harkan's wife and son Züli don't believe the rumors. Especially Züli, an ambitious young politician who wanted to ramrod the plans through the town council, thinks the idea his father wanted to drop his life's dream is patently ridiculous. As investigators Mehmet Özakin and Mustafa Tombul dig deeper into the case, one incredible revelation follows the next...

1   Last Stop Istanbul
2   Murder on the Bosporus
3   In Your Hand
4   The Stone Warriors

5   The Price of Life
6   Bond of Blood
7   Transit
   Silent Witness

9   Tarlabasi
10 The Second Lead 

11 The End of Alp Atakan 
12 Offsides


13 Club Royal


14 The Bosporus Broker
15 Taurus 1
16 Taurus 2
17 A Village under Suspicion
18 The Lost Son
19 The Final Passenger
20 Deadly Desire (new)