"What's a Jew doing driving around in a Porsche early on the Sabbath?" That is the question 33-year-old Max Breslauer has to face when he hits a boy in downtown Amsterdam. His dilemma in life couldn't be symbolized better. For Max can no longer endure to stand in the shadow of his almighty father Simon, founder of the textile imperium "SuperTex" and a never-failing source of Yiddish sayings. In order to escape the patriarch's obsession with family tradition, Max leaves his father's company. When he makes the shocking discovery that Simon has been having an affair with the young "schickse" Maria for years without his wife Dora having the faintest idea, Max feels he did the right thing after all. But refusing his inheritance turns out to be harder for Max then he thought? At the tender age of 33 Max starts to search for his true self.