Street Stars

Name the capital of Burkina Faso? Name four of the seven deadly sins? A driver's license on the third try? Who wears white socks? A pie in the face? I know, have, want ... that! These are our "Street Stars"!

Awarded with the Prix Circom Regional in the category of "most original program".

280 x 30' (Weekly I Late Night)

Our host spends every free minute racing across the country, tripping up unsuspecting passers-by with surprising questions. Questions from the areas of film, sports, culture, science but also daily things, habits and the characteristics of the candidates will be questioned. A comedy panel in the studio has to prove its knowledge of human nature and assess the "Street Stars" correctly. To do so they often compile absurd and humorous claims? Does housewife Evi know why manhole covers are round? Has truck driver Manfred ever led a double romantic life? And does motor mechanic Olaf cry at the movies? Which of the three passers-by buys his meat from an organic butcher? And who has a toilet mat at home? Sometimes it is not so easy to assess the street stars because one has to first sort out one's own prejudices. In the end our host calls for a test of courage: Which street star will break an egg on his head for ten Euro? Who will allow giant cockroaches to crawl over his hand? And who will eat a cooked piece of rat meat? The one who can make the best assessments collects points.

Game rounds:

-    Who knows what?
-    Who is it?
-    Your street star
-    Who does it?