Sophie Scholl - In Defiance Of All Powers?

Sophie Scholl, born in 1921, could still be alive today if she had led a "normal" student life in the war. Yet Sophie was not one of those who chose neither to see nor to listen - she looked at what was happening. War, terror against the civilian population in Germany, euthanasia and holocaust were not to be overlooked, but they could certainly be suppressed. Sophie, on the contrary, with her brother Hans and her friends from the resistance group "White Rose" went into action in Munich and took up the fight against a regime of terror. On February 18th, 1943, the 21-year-old was arrested together with her brother, and four days later, on February 22nd, she was executed because she had been involved in the production and distribution of leaflets. She was the only woman in the "White Rose" who was murdered.
Sophie Scholl is the central figure in this documentary, which casts light not only on her family background but also on her environment. Fortunately, contemporary witnesses are still alive, people who knew her and her world, members of the "White Rose", who were just that little bit luckier than the murdered girl. The film mingles interviews with contemporary witnesses with archive footage, shows some rare private photos of Sophie and Hans, their family and friends, and also photos of original sites. In addition to the interviews, the documentary material is supplemented and enhanced by excerpts from the cinema film.