Sixteen Oaks

Trimmed lawns, friendly neighbors, safe environment: Life is good in the gated community Sixteen Oaks. While her husband Nils quickly finds friends, Laura feels left out in the new, artificial world. And she's on to something?  A chilling thriller between David Lynch and "The Stepford Wives".

Nominated for the 2013 Grimme Prize
Market leader on ARD prime time 2012 

"The visually most stunning TV movie of the year." Die Welt

"Evil and stylistically excellent." Der Tagesspiegel
"Hypnotic blend of mystery, thriller and horror." TV Spielfilm

Laura and Nils want to move out of the big city with their little daughter Fanny, away from the polluted air and the self-centered urbanites, and find a nice house in a new development in the suburbs. It's a gated community called Sixteen Oaks. A guard at the gate checks new arrivals, no one gets in without permission. A safe and healthy environment for little Fanny, it seems. But on the first evening with their neighbors in the idyllic woodland colony, however, Laura starts to suspect something is strange about the other women here. They're all stunningly beautiful, but have to pep up their good moods with a few little pills from the local physician. The men all drink cocktails from big glasses - and when Nils follows a hint and turns on the TV late at night after the first invitation, he sees an adult film starring someone who looks a lot like their neighbor Marlene...


Bayerischer Fernsehpreis - Bavarian TV Award (2003)
  Blauer Panther
    won    Other ()

Erich Kästner Fernsehpreis für das beste deutschsprachige Kinder- und Jugendprogramm (2003)
  Erich Kästner Children's TV Award
    won    Other (For the episode "Wie ist das mit dem Tod?")