Silent Children - The Return

Karin has asked for a transfer from active duty to police academy teacher. But woman like her needs the line of fire, not the sidelines. It's not long until the veteran detective is back investigating child trafficking again.

One evening, Karin meets investigative journalist Mike, who has been investigating child trafficking in Germany for years, but his articles never have any effect, his shocking revelations are discredited as slander more often than not.  Mike needs Karin, but he needs her on active duty. To put pressure on her, he tells Karin about a 14-year-old witness who gave him a lead on a ring of child traffickers in Potsdam. The clues are so concrete that Karin can't help but act on it. She manages to convince her supervisors she's emotionally stable enough to take on the case, they send her to Potsdam to investigate with shadowy local detective Ronald.

From the producers of Oscar© Award winner "The Lives of Others", the sequel to the successful and controversial "Silent Children" stars Nadja Uhl ("The Baader Meinhof Complex"), Misel Maticevic ("Face to Face with Crime") and André Szymanski ("Labyrinth of Lies") in the lead roles.

"Fortunately there are films like this to reveal the truth, raise awareness and put things in context" Frankfurter Allgemeine


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