Shed my Skin

Milan is 17 and gay, which not even his girlfirend Larissa suspects. It's not until he has a terrible car crash, which turns out to be a suicide attempt, that he gets his life turned around: Milan meets a man he likes and tells his parents. His coming out turns the whole family upside down.

For years, Milan's parents put their lives on hold for their beloved, but dissolute son. Now his mother Susann has gone ahead and fulfilled her life's dream of having her own doctor's practice. Milan's dad Gustav is looking for a new challenge at work. But then Milan crashes dad's car with 17 blood alcohol. His spur-of-the-moment suicide attempt leads to Milan's coming out. His parents can't believe they never figured out Milan is gay. Finally, he can be himself! But his coming out also starts a process which is not only a challenge for Milan, but for the whole family, despite their seeming harmony.

Merlin Rose ("As We Were Dreaming"), Claudia Michelsen ("The Tunnel") and Johann von Bülow ("Labyrinth of Lies") comprise the A-list cast of this gripping drama produced by UFA Fiction ("Deutschland 83").