Serengeti Will Survive ( 2 x 90 min.)

After WWII, director Bernhard Grzimek rebuilds the Frankfurt Zoo and travels to Africa, becoming one of the first conservationists and helping found the Serengeti National Park. But when his son Michael dies in a plane crash working on Oscar-winning documentary "Serengeti Shall Not Die", Grzimek's wife blames him and he begins a scandalous relationship with his son's widow...

A legendary conservationist, a puzzle as a human being - this biopic depicts Bernhard Grzimek's watershed struggle for the environment, as well as his darker, morally ambivalent character. His Academy-Award-winning documentary "Serengeti Shall Not Die" moved millions around the world, and forever changed the way we see animals and nature. Top German star Ulrich Tukur ("The White Ribbon" and Academy-Award-winner "The Lives of Others") embodies Professor Grzimek with his impressive range.

Duration: 2 x 90 min

The life of Oscar® winning director and  legendary animal researcher Bernhard Grzimek