Seeking Whom He May

Wolves are back in the Mercantour hills, and suddenly a wave of carnage is sweeping this region of southern France, with sheep being killed and lambs devoured. But what worries the locals is the size of the predator; some are talking of a werewolf, or "The Beast of the Mercantour."   A young Canadian, specialist in protecting bears back home, has come to study the wolves, much to the annoyance of the local shepherds. He is drawn to the free spirited Camille, part-time plumber and musician. Meanwhile in Paris, Commissaire Adamsberg is following the affair of the wolves with interest, and seems to expect worse than just sheep killings. His fears are proved right when a rich and outspoken sheep owner, Suzanne Rosselin, is found with her throat torn out. As Adamsberg and his deputy Danglard begin their investigation, the increasing violence of the attacks makes them suspect a serial killer. But once in the Mercantour, Adamsberg runs into Camille with whom he once had a romantic entanglement. She introduces him to her friends, including Soliman, the African adoptive son of Suzanne who loves to cite the definitions of words. And all the while, the bodies are piling up.   

Based on the bestseller novel by Fred Vargas.
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