Scene of the Crime - Frankfurt (Król)

For more than 40 years in over 900 episodes, Scene of the Crime remains the most successful German crime format - not so much a series as a collection of stand-alone Movies-of-the-Week written, directed and acted by the best talents in Germany.

Frankfurt's magnificent skyline is the glittering backdrop to the dark stories of murder and violence investigated by Frank Steier and Conny Mey. Chief Inspector Frank Steier is one of Frankfurt's best police detectives. Years of this work however have turned an erstwhile idealist into a hardened cynic with a drink problem. With seemingly no private life, he lives only for his work.  His colleague, Chief Inspector Conny Mey is the perfect counterfoil. Not put off by his brusque ways, she shows him that loyalty and friendship still exist. She brings a passionate idealism to her work, and investigational methods that are often highly unusual.