Scene of the Crime - Berlin

For more than 40 years in over 900 episodes, Scene of the Crime remains the most successful German crime format - not so much a series as a collection of stand-alone Movies-of-the-Week written, directed and acted by the best talents in Germany.

From a murder in Berlin's wild party and drug scene to the kidnapping of a high-powered banker's son, the cases of the Berlin homicide squad are always a bit over the top, just like the lively city they police. Inspectors Till Ritter and Felix Stark each have their own style of investigating: While Till Ritter likes to rely on his appeal as a ladies' man, Felix Stark is the by-the-book analytic thinker who often rolls his eyes at Till's leather-clad cool guy poses. As a single father, Stark is more settled and mature, who has no problem with the police force's bureaucratic side. Ritter, however, does the job almost out of idealism, out of a keen sense of justice and injustice, following his usually reliable intuition, taking the straight and narrow and speaking his mind. But that forthrightness often brings him in conflict with the rules and regulations - and lands him in trouble, which Felix hates having to get him out of.