Scale 6

After her boyfriend dies in a mysterious diving accident in a Swiss lake, German geologist Mara Graf struggles to prove her innocence - and makes some powerful enemies.

Geologist Mara Graf is an internationally renowned earthquake and tsunami expert. The Swiss Seismological Institute wants her to install measuring instruments on the bottom of Urner Lake. Disaster strikes during one of the dives, however. Mara's partner and boyfriend Gian Wyss dies in a mysterious accident. But instead of getting support from the authorities, Mara becomes a target of the investigations. The police suspect her of causing or even planning Gian's death. As the noose tightens around her, Mara tries to uncover the truth with the help of Army Captain Sebastian Scherrer, discovering shady dealings and unwanted evidence of the Swiss role in the Second World War...

17% share on DAS ERSTE premiere and 30% share on SRF premiere.