Reagan's Secret War

Ronald Reagan's secret war of covert ops to undermine the Soviet Union exposed for the first time, with expert witnesses and footage never seen before - 30 years before the NSA scandal...

While his inauguration in 1981, Ronald Reagan redefined U.S. Cold War strategy: The best defense is a good offense, was his motto. Especially the "Deception Operation Committee" worked tirelessly to undermine the faltering Soviet Union. Gas pipelines were sabotaged with computer chips smuggled in, causing the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history. Air and sea maneuvers were conducted of the Russian coast in order to demonstrate strength and technical superiority, while intimidating and embarrassing the Soviet counterpart.

The film examines the importance and impact of US covert ops under Reagan through the expert testimony of high-placed eyewitnesses and never-seen-before footage. We see up close how the Reagan administration pulled no punches, even when it came to compromising the sovereignty of democratic nations. A fatal development that finds its echo thirty years later in the NSA surveillance scandal.