Paula and the Wild Animals

Roving reporter Paula travels the globe in search of wild animals in their natural habitat, each episode focusing on a specific animal, be it the African zebra, the Australian tree kangaroo or the European fox.

She's far from shy, getting up as close as possible to the wild creatures, competing with them and racing them. Paula knows how to share her fascination and respect for the animal world. Each episode depicts the life and challenges facing a certain species in its environment, often in conflict with the intrusion of man. The series shows how important it is to protect the freedom and livelihood of wildlife. We meet people who work to protect animals, or raise orphaned animal babies and reintroduce them to the wild. Paula explains complicated facts with imagination, creativity and humor: How elephants can hear with their trunks or why zebras have stripes. Paula never talks down to the kids, but meets them on their level and whisks them away to the wonderful world of wildlife.

54 x 25 min