No Time for Dreams

When 11-year old Merle is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, her parents try to do everything to help her. But the stress puts their whole family on the spot.

A highly sensitive drama about the problems of modern families and parents trying to do what's right for their children in a very competitive world.

Market leader (16.2 %, all audiences) on ARD prime time.

"Worth seeing" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
"Extremely well acted" (Blickpunkt:Film)
"Topical and relevant" (Frankfurter Allgemeine)
"Straight out of real life" (Tagesspiegel)
"Suspenseful" (Hamburger Abendblatt)

Bernhard Wicki Prize at Emden Film Festival 2013

Eleven-year-old Merle has trouble concentrating. She often daydreams, seeming absent-minded and dazed, especially at school. She's failing academically, even though she's a smart kid. The school advises her parents to take her out of the college-track program and put her in vocational school. But at first her father Roman doesn't want to accept there's a problem. A psychologist diagnoses Merle has ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder. Her parents decide against giving her a bunch of psychoactive drugs, trying to help Merle on their own instead. They set a strict daily schedule. From now on, Kathrin, Roman or her big sister Lea study with Merle. The added effort puts the whole family under stress - they're all having trouble coping. Kathrin and Roman are freelance construction foremen, their business is endangered by their worry over Merle. Older sister Lea, in the throes of puberty, feels completely neglected. Kathrin has a nervous breakdown and is hospitalized. Lea runs away and Merle isn't getting any better. Her parents have to ask themselves: Should they put Merle on drugs for the sake of saving their family?