Netwars - Out of CTRL

The new arms race is online. From secret labs in Israel and China to the NSA and Las Vegas hacker conventions, this terrifying doc shows just how real the danger is - including a real hack into a real power plant. Prepare to be scared.

Interactive Webdoc
The TV documentary is accompanied by an interactive webdoc, which lets viewers get an even deeper look behind the scenes of the actual cyberwar front. Please visit or ask our sales team for further information!

"One person with a laptop computer can wreak more havoc nowadays than any conventional weapon or bomb!", says NATO cybersecurity director Ian West. On that note, documentarist Marcel Kolvenbach delves into the secret world of cyber war. The trail leads to the cyber labs of Israel, to China's Red Hackers, and the world's largest hacker convention in the USA, where NSA chief Keith Alexander is hailed as a hero. Experts worldwide chat online about the state of virtual warfare to conclude: The cyber arms race is already on. Soon hackers will not only be able to crash planes, but to remote-control whole fleets and arsenals. How much of it is science fictions, media hype, panic and overreaction? How much danger are we really in? A top hacker in Berlin does the litmus test: Armed only with laptops, he sets out to hack into a power plant on the French-German border. It's an authorized attack. The owners want to test their own security system. The results are alarming. This is not a fake hack, it's the real thing. The outcome makes waves in the utilities sector...