Neptune's Thunder Part II

"A young woman in Schiltigheim dies after being stabbed three times?' the bold font of the short newspaper article fills Chief Inspector Adamsberg with a powerful sensation of terror that the idea of Neptune finally releases from the dark cavernous depths of his being. For 14 years, in an attempt to clear his brother's name, Adamsberg had hounded and tracked the monster that he called the Trident, always hot on his heels but nevertheless always losing the trail. He had lost all hope and, above all, he had also lost his brother. The Trident had proven far more powerful than he. A titan, a devil, a Poseidon from hell, who left a trail of impaled victims, their bodies marked by a line of three holes. But the monster had died. Yet Adamsberg is absolutely sure, against all odds, that the murder in Schiltigheim is the work of his enemy. After a drinking binge on a police training venue in Quebec, Adamsberg wakes up in front of his apartment building, with a total black out as to what happened between leaving the bar and coming to. Asked to return to Quebec to identify a murder victim, Adamsberg recognizes the corpse as being that of Noëlla Corbel, a lady with whom he had had a brief affair, he realizes that he is suspected of the murder. His life is turned upside down; the roles reverted from being the huntsman into being the prey. Just like his brother 30 years ago he had fallen into a black hole. Is it his brother who killed the young woman? Did he kill her? Is he, in turn, the victim of the Trident?

Based on the bestselling novel by Fred Vargas.
German Title: "Der Vierzehnte Stein - Teil 2"

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