My Name is Fleming, Ian Fleming - The Man Who Invented James Bond

The man who invented James Bond: The story of Ian Fleming, real-life spy, ladies' man and sportsman, who was there at the birth of MI-5 and the CIA, and gave the world one of its most enduring and iconic heros: Bond. James Bond.

As a portrait of the author, "Ian Fleming - The Man Who was James Bond" actually comes closer to James Bond than many a Bond movie: It's the story of how upper class Eton dropout Ian Fleming made himself a name in other ways: as a ladies' man, athlete and naval intelligence officer during WW II.

Interviews with Fleming's closest family members, including Lucy Fleming and Kate Grimond, daughters of his older brother Peter, provide fascinating insights into the man and his work. The two sisters also administer Fleming's literary estate, as James Bond novels are still being written. The current Bond author, William Boyd, reports about his work on the James Bond legend. Also, Ian Fleming's step-daughter Fionn Morgan speaks on camera - for the first time ever at length. She speaks about Fleming's biological son Caspar and his tragic life, as well as her stepfather's second great literary inspiration, the children's story about a flying car "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

James Bond is one of the greatest icons of pop culture. His taste for fast cars and beautiful women are world-famous. Less is known about the man behind James Bond: Ian Fleming, the British author who invented Double Zero, the agent with the license to kill, and whose life has amazing parallels to the life of James Bond?