Merchants of Death

"What does a small town in Southern Germany have to do with Mexican gun violence? A lot, apparently. Thriller "Merchants of Death" follows the trail of German arms to Central America. An explosive subject ? and an exceptional film." (Spiegel online)

After a corporate buyout, a family-owned arms manufacturer faces demands for higher profits. The result - more and more exports to more and more questionable clients. When a young employee witnesses how the firm sells weapons to Mexico in defiance of export laws and personally experiences the violence and corruption, he decides to blow the whistle despite psychological pressure and physical threats. His revelations bring down the carefully constructed house of cards, resulting in his boss turning against his own company. Both men risk their lives in order to expose the truth.

Contrary to supposedly strict arms export regulations, German weapons can be found in all crisis regions around the globe. In many years of research, the writers gained access to secret documents and inside testimony. The result is a gripping political thriller about the corrupt arms trade, and a fictional adaptation of a very real story.