Mein Kampf

In the year 1910 the young Adolf Hitler gets rejected by the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. Ironically a Jewish man suggests Hitler to try his luck in politics.

The bittersweet grotesqueness of "MEIN KAMPF" is based on the fable-like theatre play by George Tabori, which has found its way onto stages world-wide since its premiere in Vienna, 1987.

"Has to be seen to be believed - and to savor the superlative performances." - Access Atlanta

Festivals: Berlin IFF, Montreal World FF, Atlanta Jewish FF, Sao Paulo IFF

In the year 1910 young Adolf Hitler leaves his hometown in the deepest Austrian province and travels to Vienna. Aiming to conquer the world as a famous painter he wants to prove his talent at the `Academy of fine Arts ?. The young artist rents himself a poor room at a home for homeless and waits for his big day. He shares his room with the Jewish book-seller Schlomo Herzl. With the arrival of the Academy ?s rejection, it turns out that Hitler overestimated his artistic abilities and his little world falls apart. Having lost all faith in his future, Hitler cannot get over his ignominy and wants to put his life to an end. Ironically, it is the Jewish man Schlomo, who finally suggests to Hitler to try his luck in politics. It does not take long and Hitler becomes the head of a local radical group, which is known for its violent action. 

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2010