Marnie's World (3D)

Spoiled house cat Marnie is lured into a secret agent job that finally brings her out on the streets. She teams up with a bunch of runaway animals – a donkey, a dog and a rooster – to track down a gang of notorious thieves.

Spoiled orange house cat Marnie lives a comfy life in the Sunshine household. She has never been outside this protected home and only knows the real world through her favourite detective crime show on TV. Her loving owner Rosalinde anticipates Marnie’s every wish. One day Rosalinde’s brother Paul shows up and lures Marnie into a box, promising her a leading role as a special agent on a secret mission. Marnie jumps at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but finds herself lost on a lonely intersection. Out on the road, she soon is joined by Elvis, a loud-mouthed but actually shy dog, and Anton, a donkey who wants to become famous as a show-act in a circus – disguised as a zebra. When neurotic rooster Eggbert completes the squad, the runaways hijack a red van, which turns out to be a wanted getaway car. Soon they are mistaken for a notorious gang of art thieves haunting the once peaceful village. For sharp little Marnie, their mission is clear: to capture the real culprits and restore their honour.

A high-profile 3D animation feature film about a smart cat and her quirky friends who finds themselves in a bigger-than-life-adventure. Directed by Academy Award®-winning brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein (“Balance”), MARNIE’S WORLD brims with verbal gags, action and adventure, and offers great entertainment for the whole family.