Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians

The manhunters are a special federal unit that tracks wanted criminals to the far ends of the earth.

Hanna and Sven are assigned to track down and arrest escaped convict Caramitru. After his escape from a German prison, the violent offender makes it to the Polish border, however, barely escaping Hanna and Sven. Working with Romanian police, they follow his trail to Bucharest and on to a remote village in the Carpathians, where they want to spring the trap at his sister's wedding. A manhunt with twists and turns, which takes the manhunters to geographical and cultural extremes, as well as to their own limits.

From Wiedemann & Berg, the producers of Academy Award® winner "The Lives of Others", written by crime specialist Rolf Basedow ("Face to Face with Crime") and directed by multiple award winner and critically acclaimed Dominik Graf, director of "Beloved Sisters", Germany's Oscar® Entry, best foreign language film 2014.