Luther And I

Katharina von Bora entered the annals of history as a runaway nun, a successful business woman, the quick-witted wife of the Reformer Martin Luther and mother of six children. A gripping drama about an exceptionally strong woman, far ahead of her time, faithfully visualized in this opulent event movie commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

A girl stands shivering in the cold: Katharina von Bora. Abandoned and left on the doorsteps of a convent at the age of six, Katharina lives the life of a virtuous nun laid out for her in advance. When she becomes acquainted with the writings of the Reformer Martin Luther - which are secretly, and prohibitedly, changing hands - she discovers a completely new world of ideas. Luther writes that the relationship between man and God does not depend on the good deeds of the faithful, and that celibacy transgresses against the divine order of the Creation: if this is true, then what is still keeping her behind the convent walls? Katharina dares to take her first steps into the unknown: she breaks her religious vow and flees with some of her fellow sisters in search of a better, self-determined life.   Without any legal status, without any income and banished from her family, the young woman finds refuge in the home of the well-known artist Lucas Cranach in Wittenberg. There she finally meets Martin Luther personally. However, the man she meets is not the "fighter" who is wreaking havoc throughout Europe: he is vulnerable, ill, full of doubts and slave to an unstoppable work ethic that drives him to exhaustion. Out of an initial sympathy arises a deep and mutual respect. Their wedding marks the beginning of an entirely new life for Katharina.   She transforms herself into a respectable housekeeper, a conversation partner of equal rank with Luther and into his beloved wife, who will bear her husband six children. However, they both fall into a deep sorrow at the early death of their daughter, and are tormented by old fears and doubts. Perhaps it is true that they are carrying the devil within them? It is not until Katharina once again regains her love of life do they both find their way back to a new strength - and to themselves.  

LUTHER AND I chronicles the unique story of the strong woman behind the legendary Reformer Martin Luther. A woman who was far ahead of her time and who battled all fears, laws and conventions in order to lead a self-determined life. With Devid Striesow ("The Counterfeiters," "Yella") and Karoline Schuch ("I'm Off Then") in the lead roles, director Julia von Heinz ("I'm Off Then") brings two strong character actors before the camera. The lavish adaptation is faithful to the true facts.