Love and other Accidents

When the banker sent to foreclose her farm has an accident that gives him amnesia, single mom Marie has no choice but to convince him he lives there - as her husband.

Marie Meier, a single mother running a dairy farm, has repeatedly failed to settle her debts at the bank. One day Philip Sturzenegger, manager of the SWC Bank, appears at her front door, threatening to foreclose the farm. But before he can act on his threat, he crashes into a tree with his sports car and suffers from severe amnesia. Beset by panic, cluelessness and reckless impulse, Marie explains to the bewildered Sturzenegger that he lives there as the farmer. And from now on, Philip is not only the farmer; first and foremost, he is also her husband.

One of the most successful films on SRF Switzerland gaining a 35.5 % market share in 2012.