Little Big Voice

The moving story of a young boy trying to fulfill his dream in post-war Europe - in the face of all obstacles.

Austria, 1955. After his mother's death, 10-year-old Ben grows up with his grandparents. He's never met his dad, a black American GI. He's discriminated against at school and in the village because of his dark skin. Even his grandfather looks down on him and beats him. One day at the movies, Ben sees a documentary about Viennese choir boys in America. Hoping to find his father, he decides to become a choir boy. Jewish choir leader Max is delighted with Ben's voice, and makes sure he gets a place in the choir. Max and principal's assistant Elsa help Ben out whenever his fellow students or teachers give him a hard time. After a while, Ben finds friends among the choir boys. And then his dream comes true...

"Little Big Voice" tells a gripping and complex story of post-war Europe, a story of everybody's universal need for a family and a home as well as personal freedom. It's a tale of how the power of music and the dedication of a young boy manages to overcome all odds and achieve a happy end for himself and all the people around him, as well.