Last Stop Istanbul (1/20)

Inspector Mehmet Özakin is a by-the-book Turkish cop in Istanbul, constantly fighting a battle on two fronts: Against the criminals the city of 15 million harbors on the one hand, and against the bureaucratic laziness of his fellow countrymen on the other. Somehow, however, he always manages to solve his cases with Mediterranean charm and savoir-faire.
When a German reporter is found murdered in the ancient Roman cistern of Yerebatan Sarayi, he and his assistant Mustafa Tombul have to delve into the "foreign" world of tourism in Istanbul, and thence out onto the Aegean. Inspector Özakin finds a worthy rival in German journalist Monika Adler, who is conducting her own research into her friend and colleague's death. The clues they unearth are confusing at best, and nothing seems to lead anywhere. Will Inspector Özakin discover the truth...?

1   Last Stop Istanbul
2   Murder on the Bosporus
3   In Your Hand
4   The Stone Warriors

5   The Price of Life
6   Bond of Blood
7   Transit
   Silent Witness

9   Tarlabasi
10 The Second Lead 

11 The End of Alp Atakan 
12 Offsides


13 Club Royal

14 The Bosporus Broker
15 Taurus 1
16 Taurus 2
17 A Village under Suspicion
18 The Lost Son
19 The Final Passenger
20 Deadly Desire (new)