Karim Aga Khan and his Life's Work

The film portrays Karim Aga Khan and his life's work, the "Aga Khan Development Network," one of the largest development-aid projects in the world. In an interview, Karim Aga Khan speaks about his duties as Imam of the Ismailis and bridge-builder between the Islamic and Western worlds. The film was shot in Doha, Nairobi, Cairo, Kabul and other locations.

The Aga Khan, head of the Muslim-Shiite religious community of the Ismailis, is known in Africa, Asia, the Near East and Canada as a calm and efficient diplomat, as a builder of bridges and, above all, as a benefactor. His Aga Khan Development Network, which numbers 80,000 collaborators around the globe, is the largest private development organization in the world. Karim Aga Khan's commitment goes far beyond his own religious community. It is in the humanities, the arts and culture that he finds the terrain on which Europe and Islam can meet as equals, in all of their many facets. From a European viewpoint, Karim Aga Khan's bridge-building must be seen as his life's work and legacy. At the heart of the documentary is an interview which Veronika Hofer conducted with the media-shy Karim Aga Khan in Nairobi.

Also available 45 min Version