Cold Front

Judith served 16 years for bank robbery and manslaughter. When she finally gets out, she runs into one of the victims' sons. A crime long past returns to haunt four people's lives.

A bank robbery with hostage-taking and two fatalities, made headlines in Frankfurt in 1999. Judith Schering spent 16 years behind bars for it. Now, she's out on parole, which means no booze, no drugs and no contact to her old friends. She broke off all contact to her former life in jail, but now she goes to see two people: Her husband Erik, who suffers from heart disease, and her daughter Anna. Both encounters are hard for all involved, especially Anna's brusque rejection. Then disaster looms by freak accident: Jan Beneke, son of the bank guard who died in the heist, recognizes Judith Schering in the subway. The boy goes to see David Roloff, son of a bank employee who also died, hoping he will "do something". But David is busy with his own problems: His mother wants him to try to get Judith's parole revoked. But the more he looks into the case, the more he begins to doubt her guilt ?

COLD FRONT is the debut feature by writer-director Lars Henning. The lead roles in this gripping drama are Jenny Schily ("Dora or The Sexual Neuroses of our Parents"), Adnan Maral ("The Wild Soccer Bunch - The Legend Lives!", "Homeland", "Turkish for Beginners"), Christoph Bach ("Charité", "Finsterworld") and Leonard Carow ("Who Am I?", "War Horse", "Naked Among Wolves").

"A little masterpiece", "A coolly staged game of fate"
Die Zeit

"Prison redemption drama in unusually cold images with minimalist electro soundtrack"
TV Spielfilm

"Hard to beat!"  "As chilling as any thriller"
Die Welt