Johannes Calvin - Reformer & Agitator

No other person has had quite as much influence on modernity as John Calvin, one of Europe's greatest reformers of the 16th century. 500 years span between his lifetime and ours. Today he has been seemingly forgotten by many, while most of those who do remember him regard him as a character shrouded by clichés. One paints him as a homourless spoil sport, while another one sets him up to be the inventor of sadomasochistic Christianity. Beyond his ever-changing image in history one thing remains: this industrious ascetic has not only presented us with a fundamental component for the reformation, but also greatly influenced our modern way of life, as well as our perception of work ethics and individuality. Who was this John Calvin? And what drove him to develop the doctrine, that would later be called Calvinism and appeal to masses all over the world, even today?