Iron Fist


Iron Fist is the story of Germany's most famous knight, robber baron and ladies' man Götz von Berlichingen, who becomes infamous as a plunderer and highway robber before he decides to throw his strength and iron will into a battle of good vs. evil to save the Emperor.

From the producers of award-winning mini series "Generation War" and historical drama "The Physician".



Medieval Germany is in turmoil at the end of the 16th Century: Traditional knighthood is on its way out, ursurped by new Renaissance lords grasping for power. German Emperor Karl wants to proclaim a code of law to finally bring justice to the Holy Roman Empire. The beautiful and ruthless Lady Adelheid von Walldorf launches an intrigue to get rid of Karl and put her French ally Franz on the throne. When adventurer Götz and his men steal three chests of French gold, they don't realize how hot their loot is until they get it back to their castle. They don't yet know they've just become embroiled in a deadly political chess game they can hardly begin to fathom.

Adelheid manipulates an old friend of Götz to lure the knight into a trap and get the gold back. Götz loses his right hand in the battle, surviving only due to the help of the mystic seer Saleema. In his darkest hours, he realizes there's more to fight for in life than just personal gain. Götz gets an iron hand to replace the one he lost and trains hard to be able to wield a sword again. News of this miracle spreads among the restless peasants, who rise up in rebellion. When their revolt threatens to ravage his lands as well, Götz makes himself their leader. With his iron fist and his brave heart, he regains his old strength and gathers a loyal band of followers. Together they must fight the Imperial Army, the Bishop of Bamberg and Adelheid's subterfuge to rescue the realm and the life of the Emperor.