Why are the Bees Dying?

The film sets out on a journey to the beautiful and fascinating world of the bees and their keepers. With magnificent pictures it examines what has been threatening the bees for years and whose fault it is.

For years bees have been dying. All over the world, silently and unobtrusively. Sometimes individual hives are empty - from one day to the next. Sometimes thousands of colonies are wiped out at the same time. The bee is the third most important farm animal, says Christoph Koch of the German Professional Beekeepers Association. A third of what we eat would not exist without bees. In Europe alone their pollination is worth 23 billion Euros - their value for the ecosystem is priceless.
But there are people who question whether bee mortality really exists? The mysterious death of the bees occupies scores of scientists at the bee institutes and in the pesticide firms. They say that it is the Varroa mite. But the neurobiologist Randolf Menzel suspects that the Varroa mite only obscures the real reasons for the death of the bees. He is looking into modern insecticides which are everywhere. They are a bestseller for firms producing agricultural chemicals - a worldwide market worth billions?