In The Path of the Storm

As more and more people fly, the risk of storm-related aviation accidents rises as well. Pioneering scientists look for ways to better understand, predict and avoid the deadly danger from the sky.

100 years of aviation - and still, electrical storms pose a severe and complex threat to aircraft. Thousands of flights have to be canceled or diverted every year, an expensive but unavoidable effort. Scientists around the world are working intently to be able to predict storms better, and thereby make flying safer. Lightning isn't the only threat to pilots and passengers, so are turbulence, icing and hail. But how to predict and avoid these highly dynamic and unpredictable processes better and quicker? Are storms and the dangers they pose increasing as the weather grows more extreme?

German federal aviation investigators blame the lack of reliable weather data and forecasts for serious accidents. Weather stations like KITcube and software like Weather Fusion improve short-term forecasts and can thereby save lives,helping us understand storms and avert dangers intelligently.

Also available as 44' version