Hot Line

When the bank reclaims the credit for their little village corner shop, the owners Maria, Waltraud and the clerk Lena face a huge problem. Until the day Maria proposes to pay their debts by doing phone sex. This has a huge aftermath not only for the three country wenches but also for the whole village.

German distributor: Universum Film (scoring EUR 8.1 Mio. at the German box office)

In a small village amidst the Bavarian Forest, the existence of the local corner shop is in jeopardy, because banker Thomas Sonnleitner has not rolled over the credit. The shop owners Waltraud and Maria and the clerk Lena are in real shock, as they each deal with financial trouble: Waltraud, the eldest, has to pay the mortgage, because her husband, the glass gaffer Heinz, is unemployed; Maria, in her end-thirties, invests all her money in the alternative healing treatment for her father; and Lena spends all her money on excessive trips to Munich to find her prince charming. After the women applied for a new loan without success, Maria comes up with an idea: phone sex! After dealing with the moral concerns, the girls finally take up the challenge. They study the appropriate literature, travel to a sex shop at Regensburg and deal out flyers all over the country. Soon the first couple of calls arrive and after some teething troubles the ladies emerge a successful business in their own independent and charming way. While the three women succeed in their new jobs and make good money, the villager's suspiciousness is growing, because the priest claimed one thing: In order to receive the sought-after assignment to design new windows for the Regensburg Cathedral, the village has to become even more catholic. But then bank consultant Thomas is on the line and demands Maria's service ...