Looking for a home...finding a heart - August Staudenmeyer returns to his home town and begins a relationship with shunned widow Katarina, setting tongues a-wagging, and triggering a chain of tragic events?

After years abroad, August Staudenmeyer returns to his home town a wealthy man. There he meets pretty widow Katarina, who lives a lonely life with her mentally handicapped sister-in-law at the edge of town, shunned by the locals for alleged indecency. When August and Katarina start growing closer, tongues begin to wag in the small town. But Katarina rejects August initially. Is it because of all the gossip? Things come to a head when the mayor's wife sets fire to Katarina's house, and then hangs herself. Katarina's sister-in-law dies in the fire. When August, away on business, hears of the awful tragedy, he hurries back to Katarina, who finally opens up to him. Together they decide to leave the home town they're both strangers in, and start a new life together?