Hanni & Nanni 2

A turbulent sequel for our troublesome twins: Returning from summer vacation to a new year at St. Clare's, Hanni and Nanni have to deal with their annoying cousin Lilly and unmask a false princess. They really have other problems to worry about, as their parents' marriage is in danger.

Another topsy-turvy adventure for the famous twins: First Madame Bertoux has to fill in for the principal at short notice, but soon finds she's in over her head dealing with the school and her nephew Philippe, who's also a guest at the boarding school. The twins also have their bothersome cousin Lilly on their hands, who's new in their class. And Lilly isn't the only new addition: A "real princess" is supposed to join them, whose identity is kept a secret.

As if they didn't have enough to deal with, their parents' marriage is in trouble as well. So Hanni, Nanni and their friends already have their hands full when Nanni is kidnapped by crooks who want to trade her for Cosima. Will the girls find a way to rescue Nanni and protect Cosi?

Based on the book THE TWINS AT ST CLARE'S by Enid Blyton