Half a Hundred

At 50, Anne, Fiona und Charlotte feel much younger than their birth certificates say. Far from settling into the quiet routine of advancing age, each is suddenly faced with upheaval in their life. Can you start over again at the half-century mark?

Anne Kater is a successful hand surgeon who has it all - until her husband suddenly leaves her, out of the blue. What went wrong? She resolves to teach her estranged a lesson and hires male escort Josh for the upcoming surgeon's conference, who is available for more if the price is right. But what starts as a purely professional relationship soon has Anne in a whirl. Charlotte Merian has sacrificed everything for the family for years, running the household and catering to the needs of her husband and three grown sons. When someone calls her Grandma on the bus, she's finally had enough. She wants to feel young and beautiful again, so she does what she's only ever dreamed about: She goes to a plastic surgeon to get breast implants. But instead of bigger boobs, she discovers she has breast cancer. Faced with her own mortality, she finally finds the courage to break out and live her own life. But does that mean she will have to leave her husband and family? Fiona Gutzeit, wealthy thrice-divorced boutique owner, struggles with her advancing age as well: The attractive blonde does everything she can to stay young and beautiful - still hoping to finally find Mr. Right. Faced with her friend Carlotte's cancer, however, she begins to realize she may be on her own. Maybe she has to give her life meaning all by herself. Three friends facing the greatest decision of their lives?