Girl Hunt

On the day before her sister's wedding, Anna gets dumped by her boyfriend. Already distraught, the young woman has no choice but to make the long drive from Cologne to the Black Forest alone with her dog Solo, even though she is not used to driving. Frazzled by the hectic traffic on the Autobahn, she pulls over at a filling station for a rest not long after leaving town. A handsome young man, Christopher, overhears her nerve-wracked phone call to her sister and introduces himself to Anna. But something seems strange about this attractive young man, so Anna gets back into her car. Soon she notices that Christopher is following her. She goes to the police, hoping to get rid of him. But further on down the road, Christopher is after her again. He forces her off the road and sets after her. But when Christopher kills her dog, Anna gathers her wits and turns the tables on him.