Gardens Around the World (Compilation)

"Gardens Around the World" takes the viewers along on a journey to the most special, almost magical places. They all have one thing in common: they enchant their visitors with their fascinating lavishness, their elaborate green aesthetics and their respective chapter of cultural history which articulates itself via horticultural designs.

Available episodes:

  • Indian Tradition and Modern Influences - The Gardens of Delhi, English (30 min), French, (filmed in HD)
  • Between the Past and the Future - The Gardens of Marrakech, English (30 min), French
  • Greening the Cityscape - The Gardens of New York, English (30 min), French
  • The Gardens of Venetia
  • The Gardens of Florence
  • Artists' Gardens in Tuscany
  • Gardens Around Lake Constance
  • Royal Parks and Hidden Gardens in Paris and the Ile-De-France
  • Southern France - Artist's Gardens in Provence
  • Paradise Found - Gardens of England's South
  • The Lido: Sicily's Grand Gardens