Full Steam Ahead Through Brazil

The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is home to tropical landscapes and impressive colonial cities. The highlights of this journey of discovery include the trip on a 100-year old paddle steamer on the Rio São Francisco and that on an even older steam train, from São João del-Rei to Tiradentes. The filmmakers also visit the two cities of Ouro Preto and Diamantina, which because of their completely preserved colonial elegance and architecture have long featured on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The wealth of the region stems from the discovery of gold and precious gemstones during the Portuguese colonial era. Still today, many people here work as diamond miners and gemstone prospectors. Our journey ends after a detour into the Caraca National Park in the Inhotim Art Park, the most important park for modern art in South America.

Here over the last ten years, hundreds of gardeners have worked to shape the natural environment to create a paradise in which the most famous contemporary artists in the world can now showcase their sculptures and installations. The park is sponsored by Brazilian billionaire Bernardo Paz, who made his money in the iron and steel industry.