From Reich to Republic

From the foundation of the German Empire 1871 to the democratic constitution 1948, few countries moved the modern world like Germany - for better and for worse. This  docudrama reenacts the most exciting moments of modern German history. From the Kaiser to catastrophe, from Nazi terror to democracy: Few countries have been through such ups and downs in their modern history as Germany, going through tremendous cultural, political and ideological changes. The ten-part documentary drama series "From Reich to Republic" sheds light on the background, causes and connections of German history from the founding of the German Reich 1871 up until the democratic constitution 1948.   

The docudrama series consists of following eps: 
Birth of an Empire + The Nervous Superpower (2 x 90 min, 4 x 45 min)
The Last Summer of Europe (1 x 90 min, 2 x 45 min)
The Price of Peace I + II (2 x 90 min)
Counter-Revolution (1 x 90 min, 2 x 45 min)
Hitler on Trial (1 x 60 min, 1 x 45 min)
Rise of the Nazis (1 x 90 min, 2 x 45 min)
The Nazi Coup (1 x 90 min)
Government for the People (1 x 60 min)