Forever and a Day

9/11. When the WTC sways under the terrorist's attack, German broker Jan Ottmann watches, shell shocked: His best friend Gregor Luckner is staying in the burning North Tower. And Jan sent him there, right into death. It seems 9/11 is the price for their selfish dream of fame and money, a tinsel dream that corrupted their lifetime brotherhood. Unwilling to accept the obvious loss of Gregor, Jan passes in revue their friendship: Two idealistic boys, totally different, rich and poor, often struggling - but two of a kind. As their past unfolds in a social panorama of the last three decades, both friends alienate from each other, lose what once was of real worth for them. Until 9/11: In the midst of raging disaster Gregor faces the unexpected decision to die or to regain his own dreams, regain his friendship with Jan. For ever and ever and one day.

2x 90 min.