Forever a Murderer

A decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, young homicide inspectors Frank and Yvonne are trying to solve a murder committed in former East Germany. They discover staggering inconsistencies that shed a very bad light on Frank's "family" in the police force...

Gripping TV movie inspired by a true story.

"Forever A Murderer" scored the best value in the market share in the fictional area at German-French tv broadcaster ARTE in 2014 in his premiere. With 1.5 million viewers, the film reached fantastic ratings in both the German and French television.

In late 1999, a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, young CID inspector Yvonne Weber is transferred from Frankfurt to Eisenach, in the east of the country. As part of a routine check of unsolved crimes from the days of East Germany, she and the young local detective Frank Wolf  examine the case of a woman who was murdered 16 years earlier. Everyone in the local police force sees it as a very simple matter: the culprit was Konrad Ritter. It is only due to the skills of his cunning lawyer that the local musician and village playboy is at large again. But when they take a closer look at the files, Wolf and Weber come across some staggering inconsistencies. It becomes apparent that facts have been twisted or ignored, confessions and witness statements obtained by force. Before long, Frank Wolf is torn by an inner conflict, since reopening the investigation means making trouble for his "family" in the police force, and especially for his old colleagues and the chief inspector who was like a father to Frank. Now they are fighting tooth and nail to hinder the obstinate young inspectors.