For Heaven's Sake



The heroine of this series is a nun. Sister Hanna, however, has nothing in common with the cliché of a "holy sister". She is spirited, witty, resolute, warm-hearted and - attractive.

And not only is she well-versed in even the most difficult religious questions, but she is also open-minded in all worldly matters. With her wit and street cred, she takes charge of Kaltenthal Cloister, transforming it into a popular refuge for all those seeking help of one kind or another. She also brings new life to the sleepy provincial community, proving herself quite a match for her great rival and opponent, the mayor Wolfgang Wöller. The two of them solve their human and "all too human" conflicts in a very original way and, above all, with a great sense of humour.117 x 50 min (9 Seasons)



  • BAMBI Audience Award for most popular TV series, 2010
  • BAVARIAN TV AWARD for best actor (Fritz Wepper), 2006
  • GERMAN TV AWARD for best actor (Fritz Wepper), 2003
  • GOLDEN EUROPE AWARD for Fritz Wepper and Jutta Speidel, 2002