Flights of Fancy

Simon falls head over heels in love with pretty and quick-witted Verena. When his father, who suffers from schizophrenia, has a relapse, Simon devotes himself completely to his mother and little sister and endangers his budding romance. Maneuvering himself into a near-fatal situation, Simon realizes that he cannot change the others' lives, but only his own...

"Flights of Fancy" is an emotionally gripping account of a first love and of a son's loyalty to his father, played with mesmerizing intensity by sensational newcomer Jonas Nay and by internationally acclaimed Tobias Moretti.  Both actors were honored with the Best Actors Prizes at the Bavarian Film Awards 2013 for their outstanding performances.

One thing is certain: 23-year-old Simon loves his parents Hans and Elli and little sister Maya, and does everything in his power to help them cope with Hans. The once celebrated architect has long been suffering from schizophrenia, and is becoming visibly more afflicted - and violent. It is Simon who essentially runs the household as Elli works long hours, and lovingly takes care of Maya. When Simon meets the pretty and quick-witted Verena, he falls head over heels in love for the first time. And even though she is a hospital trainee, he refuses to tell her the truth about his father. He still hopes that Hans will accept his illness, and that the family can live normally once again. Yet Simon also fears that he might inherit the illness one day too... Torn between his growing affection for Verena and his love for his increasingly unpredictable father, Simon maneuvers himself into a near-fatal situation and realizes that he cannot change his father's life, but only his own...


Bayerischer Filmpreis - Bavarian Film Award (2013)
    won    Best Performance by an Actor (Tobias Moretti)
    won    Best Performance by a Younger Actor (Jonas Nay)

KINO! Festival of German Films New York (2015)
  KINO! Festival of German Films New York Award
    won    Audience Award ()