Connecting the lives of 12 lead characters in a scathing portrait of modern-day life, FINSTERWORLD is an intensely funny yet subtly terrifying film, full of malicious wit and sharp-tongued dialogue.

In her sensational feature film debut FINSTERWORLD, director Frauke Finsterwalder depicts a universe of somnambulant beauty, at once enchanting and disillusioning, with a poetic power guaranteed to stay with you. She sketches her characters lovingly, absurdly and destructively in this iconoclastic, upsetting omnibus film, featuring a German all-star cast  consisting of Corinna Harfouch ("Downfall", "A Year Ago in Winter"), Ronald Zehrfeld ("Barbara"), and Sandra Hueller ("Requiem", "Brownian Movement"). Critically lauded, FINSTERWORLD won awards in Montreal and Zurich, and was released successfully in German arthouse cinemas.

A journey through a surreal Germany: A police officer in a bear costume. A female documentary filmmaker who is unable to find an interesting story. A pedicurist who carefully sets aside the hard skin removed from the feet of his aged female patient. A rich couple that refuses to sit in a German-built car. A history student uninterested in a class visit to a concentration camp. A wild man training a raven in the woods.


Deutscher Fernsehpreis - German TV Award (2016)
  Deutscher Fernsehpreis
    won    Best Editing (Ulf Albert)

Prix Italia (2015)
  Prix Italia
    won    Special Mention ()