Fidgety Philipp

Young Fabian is acting out and becomes a problem for his class and his teacher, who has to decide how to help the boy without hurting him?

Winner of the FIPA Grand Prize at the Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels 2012 and Nomination for the 2013 Grimme Prize.

Hannah Winter is a teacher with heart and soul. One day, nine-year-old Fabian is transferred to her class. The lively young boy starts acting out, disrupting Hannah's class and becoming a bad influence on the rest of the students. The idealistic young teacher soon finds herself at the end of her rope, and in a personal dilemma. On the one hand, she wants to integrate difficult and challenging kids in her class, on the other hand, she also has a responsibility to the other students, parents and teachers, to provide order and discipline in the classroom. Everyone starts exerting pressure on them, turning Fabian into a "problem child", urging Hannah and Fabian's mom to seek professional help for him and trust to psychiatric medicine to solve the "problem". School and society force them to make a difficult decision about the boy's future?


Bayerischer Fernsehpreis - Bavarian TV Award (2009)
  Blauer Panther
    won    Best Performance by an Actress (Diana Amft)
  Blauer Panther
    won    Best Screenplay ()

Deutscher Fernsehpreis - German TV Award (2008)
  Deutscher Fernsehpreis
    won    Best Series ()