Faces of Islam (4-Parter)

"Faces of Islam" is a filmic voyage of discovery into the wondrous and varied world of 1.5 billion Muslims. This high-value TV doc whisks us away into the magical world of Arabian nights, and the very real everyday lives of the modern practitioners of Islam - to the scholars, teachers and activists who view their faith as a philosophy and instrument of social change, and seek to adapt it to the modern world. The journey takes us to the historical and everyday places of the Mohammedan religion - from mosques and markets to schools, workshops and music studios. In meetings and encounters with a wide variety of people from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Morocco, we ask the crucial questions: What do Muslims believe? How do their religion and traditions affect their daily lives? How are gender roles, and the role of the family growing and changing in the modern world? How are the peaceful and warlike aspects of the Muslim religion affecting the Islamic World? And how open are Islamic societies to progress and change? The doc approaches the fascination and variety of Islam and reaches some surprising and eye-opening conclusions. Elaborate, high-budget production (1.1 million ¤). A Coproduction with SWR, ORF, SF in Collaboration with WDR, BR, NDR, RBB, SR, RB, ARTE

About to be available:

2 x 52 min  


French and English version in production.


A Coproduction with SWR, ORF, SF in Collaboration with WDR, BR, NDR, RBB, SR, RB, ARTE