Europe's Wild East

The series portrays the beauty and variety of specially protected natural landscapes with their diverse animals in the countries of eastern Europe. The films showcase the behaviour of various animals, selected as typical of the respective region, during the changing seasons. The magnificent natural landscapes together with the regional specialities of the national parks presented here show clearly how fascinating and yet virtually unknown is the wilderness of Eastern Europe.

Available as 10 x 52 min (German OV, French) or 12 x 45 min (French)

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The following episodes are available:

  • The National Park Slitere in Latvia, 45' only (HD)
  • The National Park Sumava in Czech Republic, 45' only (HD)
  • The National Park Lagodechi in Georgia (HD)
  • The National Park Belaweschskaja Puschtscha in Belarus (HD)
  • The National Park Pirin in Bulgaria
  • The National Park Kornati in Croatia
  • The National Park Volga Delta in Russia
  • The National Park Biebrza in Poland
  • The National Park High Tatra in Slovakia
  • The National Park of Kiskunsag in Hungary
  • The National Park of Vilsandi in Estonia